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once again the ice age is back! survive, hunt, farm, fish, craft, build, trade, fight, loot, find treasures, discover new things, and more! in a cold snowy ice apocalypse!

  • Recent Updates!:
  • Added: smart pathfinding!
  • Added: a new enemy!
  • The Wolf: fast hostile enemy, wolves has a small chance of running from the player! if he is near or if he shot a warning shot!
  • Changed: increased the player's running speed but not faster than the wolf ofc :)
  • Changed: changed player model added details/look, body/shoulders!
  • and some little texturing
  • Added: base building!
  • Added: wall player structure!
  • Added: door player structure!
    Added: planter/Farming! player structure! currently you can only plant/grow trees for wood.
  • Added: you can now also press [H] key for quick weapon/tool equipping!
  • Added: animals now poop ^^
    Added: new resources, feces/animal poop ^^, and dirt
  • Changed: doors now close after a while (not player doors!)
  • Changed: increased the wolf Damage!
  • Changed: now the bullets appear from the tip of the gun!! (realisim!)
  • Changed: Improved Crafting!, now crafting is more better
  • Changed: changed player model added details/look, body/shoulders!
  • Removed: custom cursor for now only maybe because it was causing some problems and bugging the game :(
    and finally a lot more Bug Fixs! also there was a bug with pathfinding took long time and hard work to finally fix it!
  • have fun.
  • see the posts/discussions for more!

  • Planned Updates!:
  • survivor NPCs! raiders, traders, enemy bases
  • captions!
  • more base building!
  • more resources, weapons, loot, and game world design!
  • bigger game world!
  • vehicles / cars
  • better walls texturing and tileset
  • day and night cylce + better light system!
  • more animals, bears, wolves, chickens, dogs, birds + better pathfinding/ai
  • bleeding, sickness, etc..
  • skills, clothing/armor, and more!
  • a trailer but its not the time soon! :)

please note:

-this game is still under development (pre alpha), not the full content!, so expect crashs, bugs, and more


Controls + help:

  1. [TAB]: open crafting sheet!
  2. [SHIFT]: change crafting type/recipe etc...
  3. [V]: open/manage/use backpack
  4. [F] + mouseOver item/loot: to take it/loot it in your backpack
  5. [Hold LMB]: drag items/things
  6. [C] + [CTRL] + mouseOver crafting sheet: add items in crafting!
  7. [C] + mouseOver crafting sheet: remove items from crafting!
  8. [E] + mouseOver crafting sheet: craft item!
  9. [E] or [H]: weapon/tool equip!
  10. [E] + mouseOver match box: unstore match!
  11. [E] + [CTRL] mouseOver match box: store match! (match need to be near the match box ofc, dont put 2 matches near or you will get a little glitch for now) (fixed! coming next update!)
  12. [E] + mouseOver food/drink: consume!
  13. [E] + mouseOver medkit: use!
  14. [R] + mouseOver ammo + weapon equiped: reload!
  15. Drag a match on top of the campfire then press [E] to light it!
  16. [E]: + mouseOver door: open/close door
  17. [X]: + mouseOver player structures: destroy/remove structure
  18. [F11]: go fullscreen!
  19. [Esc]: save and quit!
  20. These are the basic things you learn the rest and explore the game.

You want to support the development?

You can donate a dollar or give some feedback to support the development!(would be really appreciated at this state of the game!)


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