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Hey Guys! this is a new game working on! hopefully its gonna be great

(firstly don't forget to check out the other SkyFullGames game, Snow Age Apocalypse. its still in development and not gonna be abandoned yet)

now lets get to the real topic!:

so!, its gonna be about hunting Monsters and defeating a Monster to Unlock the other Monster etc.. , Big Foot, Acid Mutant, Werewolf and different Monsters Types!

hopefully every Monster is gonna have a unique fighting style and a different world/biome!

and there is not only Monster Characters there is gonna be Player/Human Characters/Heroes that you can choose from and play to defeat a specific monster! its also probably gonna have a bit of horror in it

and there is hopefully gonna be more in the game with your ideas and support!

-so please if you are interested or want to support to make this game real!

then please show some feedback, comment, donate, follow SkyFullGames on Itch.io or anything of that so to see and know how many people are interested or want to have this game come true.

feel free to ask some questions as well! is it ok if it will be only Singleplayer? because multi might be harder and would take more/lot of time to finish, and might not work as intended!

Published Apr 07, 2017
StatusIn development

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